In Comparison With 2 Ton Gantry Crane And 20 Ton Gantry Crane

A simple search for gantry cranes on the Internet will lead you to many different websites that sell them regularly. Some of them are portable, capable of only lifting 2 tons, yet there are others used for more industrial purposes that can lift 20 tons or more. Although the construction of each one is similar, in general, there are major differences due to how much weight they are capable of lifting. Here is a quick overview of how gantry cranes work (grúas portico trabajan), how the largest ones in the world are constructed, as well as how the smallest portable units can allow anyone to lift several thousand pounds on their own.

2 ton gantry crane

What Are 20 Ton Gantry Cranes Are Used For?

These cranes are very useful (son muy útiles) for not only lifting objects that are exceedingly heavy, but also moving them to different locations. For example, when you look at shipping yards where enormous ships are unloaded, these gantry cranes are actually taller than the ship, capable of using the hoist to lift and move the containers either onto the ship, or off of the ship onto the dock. The construction includes beams that come down to the ground, and a bridge girder where the trolley can move back and forth. If this is inside of a warehouse, the bridge girder will be attached to runway beams on either side, allowing it to move freight throughout the facility. These are typically able to move 20 tons (gruas son capaces de mover 20 toneladas) or more, using a hoist that can handle that amount. However, the smaller ones are designed and a slightly different way and will use a hoist with a smaller lifting capacity.

Overview Of 2 Ton Gantry Cranes

These cranes are very small (Grúas Muy Pequeñas) by comparison and do not require any additional support from the structure that they are in. Although they are typically used inside, they can also be used for outdoor projects. They are easy to move around because of the wheels that can be locked and unlocked. The base on either side will be triangular informed to provide stability, with wheels on either end. The beam above where the hoist and trolley are connected is very similar to what you will see with the larger units. In some cases, it is only a hoist situated in the direct center to provide maximum stability.

20 ton gantry crane

A Comparison Between The Two

Based upon the description that has been given for each, the main difference between both of these units is their construction and size. Obviously, the smaller portable units will be much smaller, usually made of aluminum, making them very easy to maneuver. The construction differs in that 20 ton gantry cranes typically utilize runway beams located on either side of the complex where they are installed, whereas the 2 ton variety (variedad 2 tn) simply has the crossbeam and the hoist connected in the center. Both of them are very useful for their own reasons, and the prices can also be very different as well. A 2 ton gantry crane can cost as much as $2500 whereas a 20 ton gantry crane that has significantly more metal, and structural design, can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Here you may get a cheaper and high quality crane in

Factors To Consider When Choosing Bumper Cars

Do you have an amusement park and you’re looking to add new rides to attract more visitors? If so, then you should definitely put bumper cars high on your priority list. These rides are a true classic, as evidenced by the sheer number of amusements parks and carnivals that make it one of their most prominent attractions. However, getting your hands on high quality bumper cars can be challenging. To help you with this process, here are some of the most important factors you need to consider when choosing bumper cars (выбирать аттракцион автодром).


Determine What Type Of Bumper Car You Need

The most important thing you must consider is the type of bumper car you want to add to your amusement park. There are three categories of bumper cars: ceiling grid, battery-operated and ground grid bumper cars. Read More Here:

You probably know that the most popular type of bumper car found in most amusement parks is the ceiling grid. This requires a special ceiling and floor to generate power for the units. The ground grid has become increasingly popular, especially because of the additional layer of security it provides. This type only requires a special floor, which means there’s no need to install a special ceiling just to operate the cars. Lastly, the battery-operated bumper cars are the modern versions. Most manufacturers (производство аттракционов) now focus on creating this type of units, as they prove to be the safest and most cost-effective. What’s more, units operated by a battery can be used in different terrains, giving them the advantage of flexibility.

buy Bumper cars

Inspect The Materials

It’s also necessary to inspect the materials from which the bumper cars are made. Due to the nature of this amusement ride, it’s easy to see how they can accumulate wear and tear after some time. You must choose units made from durable materials that can withstand great amounts of force.

For the body of the units, going for a streel frame is usually the best way to go. The bumpers, meanwhile, should be made from rubber rings. This allows the cars to bounce off other units following a collision. For cars with inflatable bumpers (надувные бамперные машинки купить), check whether PVC material is used. Lastly, battery-powered bumper cars should have rechargeable batteries to make them more cost-efficient.

You may also want to consider getting bumper cars that can be operated using a digital remote. By enabling an operator to control the units using a remote control, you can ensure the safety of the users.

Visit Website:


Brand New vs Used

You also have the option of buying brand new or used bumper cars. Your choice largely depends on how deep your pocket is. Bumper cars (бамперные машинки) are more expensive, but you can guarantee that they’re in excellent running condition. If you’re patient enough to dig around, you might be able to find used bumper cars that still work well. Just be sure to check the units carefully in order to ensure you’re getting good value for your money.

These are just some of the most important considerations when buying bumper cars. Take your time in looking around and speaking with multiple manufacturers to find the most appropriate units for your amusement park.

Why You Have To Buy A Kiddie Swing Ride For Your Park

Amusement parks are the favorite of all children, regardless their age and gender. They are happy to enter the realm of fairy tales and adventures, they want to be pirates, riders, prices and dragons for a few moments, and they want to have fun and share their excitement with other children.

amusement swing rides

The swing ride is one of the most popular options of many generations of children. Our grandparents loved it, we loved it at our turn, and we can easily see our children enjoying this type of ride about as much as all previous generations. If your amusement park doesn’t have a kiddie swing ride (купить аттракцион цепочная карусель для детей), you should consider making room for one as soon as possible. There are many advantages of this type of ride, so do your math and see whether you can afford the investment. You won’t be sorry, that’s a promise.

buy swing rides

First of all, a kiddie swing ride  is 100% powered by parents. Go to this web-site: You don’t have to invest in engines, complex mechanisms or pricey workforce to operate your swings. All you need to do is make sure they run smoothly. The parents are going to do all the work for you, as they are already used to push their children to swing higher and higher, until they start crying out loud with pleasure. This fairly inexpensive ride can offer a lot of adrenaline rush to kids and a good chunk of profit to the park owner. These children are going to get excited to try more and more rides, read the full info here:, so this could be a real revenue booster that would cost you pennies to maintain.

kiddie swing rides

This swing ride (аттракцион цепочная карусель в парке) is going to keep the parents busy, so they are going to have their share of entertainment and the chance of doing something together with their kids. This is very important, as most parents are so busy with their jobs nowadays, that children really miss them a lot. They cherish each and every tiny little moment they can spend doing something together with their parents. Have the adults push those swings, and you are going to bring happiness in the souls of these children, excited to spend some quality time with their moms and dads.

swing rides from manufacturer

Last but not least, such rides don’t need to much space to get installed. As you only need a small area to have a bunch of them up and running, you might be able to squeeze them between your larger rides. If space isn’t a problem, you may as well choose some bigger swing rides such as The Pirate or The Phantom’s Revenge. Anyway, before purchasing your ride, you should measure your space carefully, to make sure you can fit the swings on site. If you don’t know how to do this, you should ask the manufacturer (аттракционы от производителя) or the seller of the rides to help you choose the best solution for your amusement park. Most manufacturers can offer such calculations and guidance to their customers, so all you have to do is ask for help.

Functions Of Your Multi-Function Wrought Iron Machine

Because the name implies, a multi-function wrought iron machine offers a lot of functionality. However, many individuals want to find out how many functions machines like this offer, along with what those functions are.

If you want to read more about multi-function machines, you don’t want to look further. Below, you’ll be able to find out a lot of information regarding the kind of tasks these appliances can complete. Or you can check this website:

EL-DGN Multi-function wrought iron machine for sale

EL-DGN Multi-function wrought iron machine for sale

Bending Pipes

One of many primary functions of machines such as this is always to bend and process pipes. This really is a function that a lot of teams depend on. Machines similar to this are being used in warehouses as well as on construction sites.

What’s nice concerning this machine is it doesn’t you need to take about this single tasks. While it can bend tubes and pipes, it might complete a variety of other jobs at the same time.

Processing Twirls

A lot of the functions of such wrought iron machines involve decorating. If you’re thinking about adding decorative features towards the metal items that you produce, this machine will really have the ability to enable you to.

As one example, many machines like this provide an attachment that allow them to produce twirls. When you add on the attachment, you’ll effortlessly be able to produce all types of beautiful designs.

A great metal design isn’t a thing that people can easily create without the aid of a piece of equipment. If you would like increase the value of the products you’re creating, a multi-function machine will help you to do exactly that.

Stamping Shapes

If you want to add shapes to your metal, multi-function machines are capable of doing that too. Most feature a small selection of popular shapes, such as stars or various polygonal shapes. Additionally, users have the option of purchasing even more add-ons which provide even more shapes.

All in One wrought iron machine

All in One wrought iron machine

Most of the time, individuals will work directly using a company to experience a shape custom-designed for them. People can put money into an attachment that offers the precise design they need. If you’re trying to build a brand, this is surely a feature that you’ll want to pay attention to.

Producing Spirals

Spiral designs are incredibly appealing, but they may be tough to create. Should you prefer a machine that will easily handle ornamental wrought iron work, a multi-function wrought iron equipment is a thing that it is advisable to consider collecting.

These machines can produce spirals that appear to be exactly the same, each and every time. Users can input their specification, and after that obtain a item that meets the requirements completely. It doesn’t get much better than that!

A all in one wrought iron machine are designed for a myriad of functions. It is able to do embossing work like metal craft coining mill, and it will also indent metal materials. It could twist metals, make patterns, and bend pipes.

Just one machine such as this can meet all of your metal decorating needs. Any business that desires to offer decorative metalwork should take a look at one of these brilliant machines. They can handle each of the tasks you want these people to.

Key Components Of A 1 Ton Overhead Crane

Cranes are all going to come in their design (diseño). You have to decide which one is going to suit your needs best. When you are going through all of the choices, you will notice these cranes are going to have particular components that highlight what they are all about.

Here are the key components for a 1 ton overhead crane (puente de grua 1 tonelada) and how it all comes together for you to use in the long-term.

This is a powerful overhead crane (puente grua poderosa) and is used in many situations, so understanding the components is a positive for those making a decision for their facility.

1 ton overhead crane 1

1) Bridge

Let’s start with the bridge as that will be a critical component to look at. A 1 ton overhead crane mainly refers to a single girder overhead crane (grua puente monorail) or a mobile crane (movil puente grua). This is where you are going to have the entire hoist setup. It is going to roll across the bridge as you are using it. The trolley and bridge girders are also attached to this part of the crane.

This is going to hold most of (la mayor parte) the weight and is going to be locked in when you are using the crane. You want to make sure this is installed well when it comes to the overhead crane.

2) Hoist

Let’s move onto the part that is going to be lifting the weight as that matters a lot. You want to look at the hoist (el polipasto) as the part that is going to grab onto the load that you have in place and is going to move it around. You want to put most of the pressure on the hoist as the lifting is being done.

This is going to be easy to move and is going to provide full value for those who are getting the load to move. For different uses, you can choose the electric hoist (el polipasto electrico) or the manual hoist (diferencial manual).

It is a big part of the crane.

1 ton overhead crane 2

3) Trolley

This is the part that is going to be hosting the hoist and is going to be rolling around on the bridge (el puente). You want the trolley to remain in place as you are lifting the load, or the crane is not going to work. It might even break apart if the trolley is not as secure as it should be.

The trolley is made to use various mechanisms as designed into the crane. The load is going to be spread across the bridge, and the trolley is going to enable this to happen. It is not going to fix the pressure in one spot. Of course, trolley of a 5 ton overhead crane (grua puente 5 ton) is not totally the same with this smaller one. If the loading capacity is bigger, the structure of trolley will be stronger.

These are some of the basic components that are not only essential but are the core of what is going to be on offer with this overhead crane. Other parts are just as important and many people would list such as the bridge girders and end trucks. You will find more information about the main parts of 1 ton overhead crane in

It is essential to look at the overhead crane as a sum of these parts, and all of these components have to work in unison to make sure the load does not snap off as soon as it is lifted by the hoist.

This is an enormous crane and is built from an excellent set of components. Interested in other types of crane? Just click

Understanding When You Should Use A Portable Rebar Cutter

One challenge that goes along with any type of construction project is cutting through rebar. Typically, anytime concrete is poured, it is reinforced with rebar. In most cases, the ends of the bars are left sticking up out of the concrete. Before work can continue, these pieces of rebar need to be cut down so that they don’t interfere with the rest of the structure. Rather than trying to cut these bars by hand, it makes far more sense to use a portable rebar cutter for sale.

portable rebar cutter for sale

These power cut tools make quick work of cutting through rebar. In fact, they can cut through a piece of rebar in a matter of seconds. As you can well imagine, this can help significantly speed up the amount of time required to cut through all of the rebar on the job.

They can be used to process pieces of bar to length before setting them in concrete or using them as reinforcement. Alternatively, they can also be used to trim rebar down after it has already been put in place.

One thing that makes these tools so useful is that they can be used in multiple ways. If you want, you can lay them flat and use them to cut through pieces of loose rebar. For more challenging applications such as vertical rebar that is sticking up out of the ground, you can also hold them in your hand and use them as a handheld power tool. This type of versatility makes it easy to make any type of cut that you may encounter on the job site.

In most cases, hydraulic portable cutters are used out in the field. Depending on the application, this may include everything from cutting rebar on highway construction projects to working on skyscrapers or other large structures. Another option is to mount them on a stand or in a trailer at the job site so that they can be used as a portable workstation. You can even use them in your regular shop as a stationary rebar cutter.

portable rebar cutter

Because these tools rely on pressure to cut through the rebar, they don’t create sparks or flames. This makes them ideal for working environments where heat may be dangerous. The lack of sparks eliminates the risk of fire, making them a safe alternative to other types of rotary or heat-powered tools.

Ultimately, what it boils down to is that you should use a portable rebar cutter anytime that it would make the job go faster. This includes using it on the construction site as well as in your shop. You can use it as a handheld tool or mount it to use it as a stationary cutting machine. The options really are practically unlimited with one of these versatile machines.

Another major benefit of these cutting tools from best cutting machine suppliers is that they are affordable to purchase. For a relatively minor investment, you can speed up construction times, helping you to get more done on the job site each day. This can help your company meet its deadlines while at the same time boosting your earnings.

How To Get More Out Of Your Lifting Jib Cranes

Not everyone is satisfied with the performance of their jib crane lifts. Some people want the lifts to go even higher; others want lifting to be simpler. If you’re interested in getting more out of your jib crane, keep these tips in mind. They’ll help you to get a better performance equipment.

1. Provide Your Workers With Extra Training

When users have limited knowledge about a piece of equipment, they won’t always be able to use it to its full potential. For example, a person may struggle to use a jib crane if they only know the basics. A person with more knowledge will be able to use it with ease. Make sure that your workers get extra training or instruction if they need it. If they’ve fully mastered a piece of lifting jib equipment, they should be able to get more from it.

Ellsen lifting jib crane

2. Invest In The Right Products

Make sure that you have the right products to complete the job properly. You may want to invest in add-ons or accessories for your jib crane. These products may make it easier to handle certain types of jobs, or might allow you to do things that you couldn’t use in the past. You should also make sure that your crane has the right kind of rope. Rope hoist can have a big impact on the overall effectiveness of a jib crane. Get high-quality rope that can handle the things you’ll be lifting.

3. Upgrade If You Need To

If your jib crane has seen better days, it may be time for you to make an upgrade. If you’re not currently satisfied with your crane’s performance, take a look at some of your other options. Every year, there are new cranes coming out that can do more than the year they came before. The functionality of some of this equipment is incredible. Jib cranes hold their value fairly well, even if a model has been used quite a bit. If you’re interested in making an upgrade, see if you can sell your old crane and buy something new instead.

lifting jib crane

4. Keep Your Equipment Well-Maintained

If a piece of equipment is poorly cared for, it may not always function properly. It may move more slowly than it used to, or it may struggle to reach certain heights. You’ve paid a lot of money for your construction equipment, and you should make sure you’re getting your money’s worth every time you use it. Give all of your equipment the kind of maintenance it needs. If you’re not satisfied with the performance of your jib crane, you’ll need to start thinking about what needs to change. Do you need to buy a new crane? Do the issues lie with the user? At the end of the day, you need to make sure that you can use your equipment to carry out the jobs you need to complete. If your jib crane isn’t handling tasks well, something needs to change. Click to find more about a lifting jib. Or visit our website:

Places To buy Cheap Monorail Overhead Crane

A monorail overhead crane is not going to fall out of the sky for you. It is going to take time to purchase one, and you should give yourself as much on the clock as you can.

Where should you go to get a new monorail overhead crane? Let’s see

monorail crane


This is a major crane supplier and the one most people refer to when they are talking about quality monorail overhead cranes. They love this provider because they are reliable, consistent, and have that quality to their cranes that other suppliers are not going to be able to match at all.

You want to rely on their cranes as you are putting them to use for your business moving forward.

With Ellsen, you know what you are getting and that is a safe option you will know is good to go right away.

You won’t have to hassle with the supplier or get them to bite on a cheaper rate. They are going to give you the best possible deal. It is best to begin with them and see what is onboard with their service.

single monorail crane


They are great because you have so many international suppliers who are ready to provide monorail overhead cranes and are going to list them online. You will be able to go through them one by one to see what is out there and then decide if their monorail overhead cranes are the ones for you.

With Alibaba, you are not working with one supplier, so that might throw you off, but it could also make things easier as well.

You will be able to get a lot of information down as they have so many suppliers available.

Go through the list of suppliers that Alibaba has to offer. You will be surprised at the real quality they provide.


This is another spectacular supplier that has experience with quality monorail overhead cranes and is going to give you a fantastic deal. You will be able to speak with their representative to see how things are being sold, and you will be able to take a look at the crane too.

The reason they are popular has to do with their customer service and experience.

You are going to get a crane that is exemplary, and they will back their work to the end, and that is essential for a client that is putting in money.

Look at these places as the best options for you when hoping to get a sweet deal that is going to work with your budget. IT does not have to be a tussle to get a good deal, and that is a misconception people have when it comes to the monorail overhead crane.

It does not have to be a real battle because you are going to find so many options out there for the monorail overhead crane. You will be able to choose from one of them and not have to bat an eyelid at all. Buying other types of cranes, you can visit

What Is A Chain Hoist? Your Ultimate Guide

Chain hoists are a fantastic machine to have if you are in need of any regular lifting activity, but what is a chain hoist? In this guide, we are going to explore what this machine actually is, along with the main activities it is used for ?so let’s begin

chain hoist system

First of all, a chain hoist can simply be explained as a machine that is used for lowering and lifting a broad variety of heavy loads. Specifically, the load will be lifted using a wire or rope that is wrapped around a drum or a wheel.

This wheel is then stored overhead, with the rope or wire lowering down in a pulley system, that is permanently attached to a hook or trolley. This hook or trolley is used to either attach itself to the item you are lifting, or to a trolley which can help you shift items from one place to another.

These chain hoists can be powered by a variety of different means. The cheapest and simplest version is simply a hand operated model, but this is also a great deal more effort to use. Nowadays, the electrical overhead chain hoist is perhaps the most common option and these are operated by a simple touchpad that gives you fantastic control over the operation of the machine.

The device is capable of various simple maneuvers, the most common of which being the lifting and lowering of heavy items. In some cases, the hoist will be attached to a fixed position, but it is also possible to have them installed onto an L beam, which then allows it to have full horizontal motion.

In general, it is possible for these chain hoists to pick up incredibly large loads, anything up to and including 50 tons. The device primarily relies on the concept of mechanical leverage, so even though it is capable of lifting a great deal of weight, the motor doesn’t have to be all too powerful to cause this to happen. Of course, the source explains why a hand operated chain hoist is still a useful item and certainly not limited to the physical strength of its operator.

Something else that is worth understanding about the chain hoist is the importance of headroom clearance, because, for the best leverage, you will often need plenty of clearance available.

However, there are many popular chain hoist models on the market these days which are designed to operate in a low headroom setting, which makes them a fantastic choice for the smaller workshop or automotive garage.

A chain hoist doesn’t move very fast, but high-speed is rarely one of their key selling points. In fact, one of their best features is their ability to carefully and strategically lower and raise items, which is particularly useful in the automotive setting, where you may want to lower and engine carefully into the chassis of a vehicle without causing any damage.

For this purpose, a chain hoist is a fantastic machine to have, and it will often allow you to have a much easier experience while your maneuvering heavy loads. For other types of hoists, you can visit

The Benefits Of Adding Vintage Bumper Cars To The Theme Park

Bumper cars are the type of ride that no one can resist. They can be a lot fun to drive and also the little ones can get in around the action. Bumper cars can be a timeless classic and in order to add something unique to your theme park, buying vintage bumper cars will be the perfect addition. Please read on to learn more about vintage bumper cars.

vintage ceiling bumper cars

vintage ceiling bumper cars

Vintage bumper cars are colorful and get an older-fashioned styling which is appealing to most riders. They also can be bought new or used. You can still have the appearance of a vintage bumper car but have it be produced with safe and modern materials. Many manufacturers let you specify the colour and shape of the bumper cars you need to buy and you will also fit them different power supplies hence they work together with your park. True vintage bumper cars may also be refitted therefore they work together with your expections.

Beston Vintage bumper cars are really safe and so they won’t cause accidents or break up. They may be made out of materials that last so you can have confidence that they are likely to work for more years. Since they are so well liked, they give you an excellent return on the investment along with the price you pay for them will almost certainly give you a high return because individuals are always planning to desire to ride them. Vintage bumpers cars curently have the lowest price point so you are going to come out ahead if you use them.

Old Bumper Cars For Sale

Old Bumper Cars For Sale

Beston bumper cars will also be very simple to maintain. They can be easier for the operators to run plus they have minimal maintenance costs, which makes them an ideal ride for your park. When you pay less in maintenance, you make more in profit, so you should have plenty of rides that don’t need much to stay in great shape.

The mini bumper cars for kids don’t use a lot of power either making them a lot more affordable. They also provide a very stable performance. These are they form of ride that you can basically setup and then forget. Once you have the rink create, you happen to be just about set. The cars are powered through the ceiling and have to sit over a metal floor. The automobile moves through getting power from your ceiling.

Riders operate the cars utilizing the foot pedals and controls. Electric amusement Bumper cars are very popular and they are the particular ride that riders prefer to ride over and over again. They attract plenty of cash plus they have huge replay value.

vintage bumper cars for family

vintage bumper cars for family

People will wish to ride them each time they come to your amusement park. Vintage bumper cars can be a sound investment in your business and something your clients will certainly love. If you are searching for any ride which has low operating costs and in addition offers a lot of satisfaction for your riders, then vintage bumper cars would be the perfect choice. Visit to purchase vintage bumper cas for your parks now.