Why We Say Concrete Mixer Pump is a Multifunctional Machine

A concrete mixer pump is a tool that is used for conveying liquid concrete to the point of its actual use. It is used as an alternative method to transfer liquid concrete from one place to another since more than half a century. All types of concrete pumps available these days work on the basic principle established by Friedrich Wilhelm Schwing, the inventor of these twin-cylinder hydraulic pumps. In order to understand the working of these mixer pup you should know why we say concrete pump and mixer is a multifunctional machine? Brief information in this regard is provided here under for your consideration.


Why we say concrete mixer pump is a multi-functional machine is due to the multiple functions of its pistons.

One of its pistons draws liquid concrete from the hopper into one of its cylinders which is pushed into the discharge cylinder by its another piston.

When the piston reaches to the end point it determines which valve is open to the discharge pipes and which to the concrete hopper to take and discharge liquid concrete in a continuous manner. In our factory, we have many hot sale types of concrete mixers for sale.

The use of concrete mixer pump has played an important role in constructing high rise buildings which was earlier done through cranes for lifting liquid concrete filled large buckets to the destination.

The advantages of concrete mixer pump briefly discussed here under can help you to know why we say concrete mixer pump is a multi-functional machine more precisely.

Advantages of concrete mixer pump:

Huge volumes of liquid concrete can be transferred in an hour as compared to the cranes used earlier for this purpose.

The concrete mixer pump can provide constant flow of liquid concrete as soon as possible to the destination at almost double rate than the methods used earlier. The self loading mobile concrete mixer price of our factory is competitive.

By using concrete mixer pump man hours are least wasted as it does not need manpower to transfer concrete from one spot to another as used earlier. Today the construction worker need not wait for the concrete to come up from the bottom of the building as the pump provides its continuous flow at the destination.

The cranes used earlier for lifting huge buckets to transfer liquid concrete from the bottom of the building to its top can now be used for other productive works like delivery of the scaffolding, framework, steelwork and other important components, where and when needed.

We say concrete mixer pump a multi-functional machine because it can provide you liquid concrete where you actually need it instead of collecting it at one pace and then supplying it to the destination. As for electric cement mixer for sale, you will find our machine has good quality and high performance.

The extensive use of these pumps in construction industry has widely reduced the cost of labour used at any project as it supplies the materials at the right destination instead of dumping a one place and shifting it to the right destination later on.

The concrete mixer pumps and concrete mobile mixer can be set very quickly after their arrival at the construction site. The liquid concrete can be pumped many floors up within no time by setting its extended outriggers and boom.

Thus the information provided in this write-up helps you to know why we say concrete mixer pump is a multifunctional machine.

The benefits of using a volumetric concrete mixer

A volumetric concrete mixer refers to a mixing machine, which measures the raw materials with volume instead of weight. The measurement process of a volumetric concrete mixer is very simple. During the mixing process of a volumetric concrete mixer, the volume of raw materials can be measured before entering the mixing drum.

volumetric mixersRaw materials and mixing process are critical important to the quality of final concrete product. Many users choose ready mix concrete, which is mixed at faraway places and then transported to the construction site in concrete mixer trucks. Ready mix concrete can meet the demand of many construction projects. However, there is a problem with ready mix concrete. When the concrete is transferred into concrete mixer trucks, the quantity of concrete won’t change. If users find that the amount of concrete is not enough, they have to make another order and wait another concrete mixer truck to arrive.

On the contrary, volumetric concrete mixer is more flexible, for it allows users to mix concrete on site. Users can change the quantity of concrete they need since the truck is on site. It is a much more accurate method to get concrete.

Another benefit of using a volumetric concrete mixer is it allows mixing and delivering various grades and mixes of concrete. Many construction projects need different grades concrete. Volumetric concrete mixer makes it easier to get concrete with different grades.

It is a little difficult to figure out the accurate amount of concrete needed in a construction project. However, with a volumetric concrete mixer that process will become easier.

In a word, there are mainly two benefits of using a volumetric concrete mixer. First, it allows onsite mixing, which is much more flexible. Second, by using it, users can get concrete with different grades easily.

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